If you look at the date of my last post, you’ll notice that I haven’t shared anything for the last 5 months. So I suppose this is my obligatory, “Where Have I Been” post.

To make a long story short, I had some health issues that became unmanageable starting at the end of November and hit their peak mid-December. I plan to discuss them here in several upcoming posts but just to assure you, it was never life threatening and I am doing really well! My health was just debilitating enough to really throw me out of commission.

Fortunately, I have an incredible support system in my life, a group of people that I like to call, “Team Alison.” I feel like I should list them out for you- imagine you’re at the NCAA basketball finals and the winning team (Go Badgers! I’m not bitter or anything…) is running out onto the court:

Mariah: The BFF

Sean: The Ever-So-Handsome Husband

Heather: Spiritual Director Extraordinaire

Brad: Best Supervisor Ever

Allison: Best GreekIV Supervisor Ever

Marlene: Super Mentor

Tori: Prayer Warrior

Emily, Laura, Kelbe, and the DINKs women: Comic Relief & Support

Darryl: Therapist & Mental Health Guru

Dr. Robinson: My Gyno (no other description needed)

And several other family members and coworkers!

They have helped me recover and think through how to best take care of myself. Through their help, I reduced much of my life to “bare bones” activities- emphasizing my physical health and minimizing draining activities. Unfortunately, during the last couple of months, writing turned out to be one of those draining activities. I simply could not will the energy I needed to write much more than a few rambling thoughts. And then of course the longer I didn’t write, the more I felt ashamed about it! But then I read my own words and decided to punch shame in the face!

So all of this is to say that I am back in the saddle of writing again and I am excited to share some deep truths God has imprinted on my heart during the last 6 months!

Much grace to you all, my dear readers!